The Southern Maine Report #6 - Kayleigh Calvert


Kayleigh Calvert is a member of Portland OPS, a nongovernmental organization that aims to open the first of a kind overdose prevention site in Maine. Overdose prevention sites have been established in several European countries as well as Canada, and their operations have correlated with noticeably lower overdose rates in each country. Kayleigh and I talk about the potential benefits of establishing such a site in Portland, the roots of the opioid crisis, and why criminalization of drug users is not the appropriate response for dealing with drug abuse.

The Southern Maine Report #5 - Dan Dinsmore


Dan Dinsmore is the Executive Director of the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, a nonprofit news agency that publishes under the name Pine Tree Watch. Dan and I talk about the current state of journalism in Maine, the polarization of politics and decline of civil discourse, and about the rise of nonprofit news agencies like Pine Tree Watch.

The Southern Maine Report #4 - Oren Gersten M.D.

Oren Gersten M.D. is a primary care physician and owner of Portland Direct Primary Care. Instead of working with insurance companies, Portland Direct Primary Care offers primary care services covered by a low monthly fee. In this episode of The Southern Maine Report, Oren talks about the advantages of receiving care from Portland Direct Primary Care, ways in which the current health care system puts profit over people, and integrative medicine, a holistic approach to health care that considers nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and other factors sometimes ignored by Western medicine that contribute to overall health.

The Southern Maine Report #3 - Tom Handel


Tom Handel is the executive director of the Portland Media Center, a non profit that provides television production classes and studio space to the public, and the president of the Maine Film Association. We spoke about public access television in Maine, filmmaking in Maine, the importance of independent media, and somehow ended up talking about the power of positive thinking.

The Southern Maine Report #2 - Brendan Evans


Brendan Evans is the owner of Strange Maine, a Portland record shop and Congress Street institution known for its eclectic selection of vintage media. He also plays in a band called Video Nasties. Brendan talks about opening the store in 2003, the cultural landscape of Portland now compared to twenty years ago, and current local venues that are supporting the Portland music and arts scene.

The Southern Maine Report #1 - Tony Zeli


Tony Zeli is the editor and publisher of the West End News, a monthly newspaper with a circulation throughout the Greater Portland area. Tony and I talk about the upcoming election for mayor of Portland, ideas about making Portland a car free city, the local housing crisis, and possible solutions to Maine’s workforce shortage.