The Southern Maine Report #14 - Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is a Portland based entrepreneur. His company, Flyte New Media, provides digital marketing services for other business, in particular Maine businesses. He is also a fellow Maine podcaster and hosts two podcasts: Agents of Change, a digital marketing themed podcast, and Fast Forward Maine, a podcast he cohosts with his partner Yury Nabokov that highlights effective business practices for Maine businesses. Rich talks about his journey as an early web designer in the 90s to becoming a business leader in the Portland, Maine area, the business climate in Maine, and trends in the Internet landscape.

The Southern Maine Report #6 - Kayleigh Calvert


Kayleigh Calvert is a member of Portland OPS, a nongovernmental organization that aims to open the first of a kind overdose prevention site in Maine. Overdose prevention sites have been established in several European countries as well as Canada, and their operations have correlated with noticeably lower overdose rates in each country. Kayleigh and I talk about the potential benefits of establishing such a site in Portland, the roots of the opioid crisis, and why criminalization of drug users is not the appropriate response for dealing with drug abuse.