The Southern Maine Report #8 - Chris Busby

Chris Busby is the editor of Mainer (formerly The Bollard), an independent monthly publication and soon-to-be expanded online outlet that covers news, society, and art in Maine. Busby is known for writing in-depth, investigative stories that have exposed the corruption and wrongdoings of politicians, business people, and other bad actors in Maine. We talk about the transformation from The Bollard to Mainer, some of the most memorable stories broken by The Bollard, and ponder the future landscape of journalism in Maine and at large.

The Southern Maine Report #5 - Dan Dinsmore


Dan Dinsmore is the Executive Director of the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, a nonprofit news agency that publishes under the name Pine Tree Watch. Dan and I talk about the current state of journalism in Maine, the polarization of politics and decline of civil discourse, and about the rise of nonprofit news agencies like Pine Tree Watch.