The Southern Maine Report is a conversation style podcast hosted by Cameron Autry that features guests from the local community including journalists, artists, musicians, business owners, directors of non-profits, and much more. Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play.


Hi! I’m Cameron. I’m originally from North Carolina but I moved to Maine in July of 2017. I started The Southern Maine Report podcast because I believe podcasts truly represent a new domain within the media landscape that allows for greater depth, honesty, and authenticity of conversation. Also, podcasts are free and convenient as hell. You can listen while driving, cooking, cleaning, taking a walk, working, browsing the internet, and on and on. So I had the idea to start a podcast about the people, stories, and culture of Southern Maine.

I like listening to podcasts (obviously), reading, cross country skiing, hiking, camping, traveling, and being lazy on the weekend. I also write articles for the West End News and work in a warehouse. I studied English in college and afterwards taught English at an elementary school in Madrid, Spain for two years.